About us

I. Company Timeline :
2012 : Enter the “Innovation Incubation Center” in MIRDC ( Metal Industries Research & Development Centre )/    Built up Cooperative laboratory with Innovation Incubation Center.
2013 : Joined the Antimicrobial Stainless Steel R&D Alliance.
2014 : Registered the company name as “Tai-I Heavy Industries Tech. Co., Ltd.”

2015 Manufactured  Copper Rotor of Motors for Taiwan Railways Administration.

2016 Assisted  NCSIST (Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology) to develop state-of-the-art national defense equipment.

2017 Build up new brand “SAUBER” for Antimicrobial Stainless Steel & lauch brand new product – Antimicrobial Stainless Soap.

II. Company Introduction
Tai-I Heavy Industries Tech. Co., Ltd.(T.H.I.T.) was established in March 13, 2014.
HQ locate in Taipei and factory in Kaohsiung. T.H.I.T. is a subsidiary of Tai-I Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.
T.H.I.T. focus on the R&D of “Advanced Metal”, “Rolling Technology & Equipment”.
Among the Tai-I group, T.H.I.T. plays the role of “new product development”, “technical integration service” and “equipment improvement”.
By means of the integration of “Industry”, “Government” & “School” to stay on top of technology and products.

III. Managing Philosophy
T.H.I.T.focus on the core competition of metal technology :
T.H.I.T. will focus on “R&D of advanced copper material” and “its creative application” to maximize copper’s various properties such as high conductivity of electric, thermal ,

anti-microbial, and the fine quality look.

Innovation : Innovative value creation

High Economic Value Research : ( Economic Value )

Higher value added : Innovation / Quality / Super Precision / Cladding / Special Application

Lower Cost : High speed / Continuity / High Yield Rate / Less Alloyed

High Applicability Research : ( Social Value )

Multi-Function / High Efficiency / High Quality / High Dependablity.

Multi-Functional new cladding metal development and application.

Eco Friendly ( Historical Value )

Less Pollution / Less Resource / High Recyclablity

Heat Resistence / Wear Resistence / Corrosion Resistence

Green / Energy Saving / Less Waste

Global Vision : Aim at the stage worldwidely

Watch the International Situation – Global Trend Analysis.

Feel the Vibration of  International Market – International Communication.

Concern the Development of International Technology – Multinational Cooperation.


IV. Organization

V. Vision of Future

Tai-I High Tech. Co., Ltd entered “MIRDC” and built up “Cooperative Laboratory of Advanced Metal Material”

by means of the assistance of MIRDC, we proceed the research of metals cladding, antimicrobial metal, advanced metal and technology service.

Focus on the 4 technical fields to create high value and innovative products. Further, via the patent rights and advantages,

we expect to step ahead and act as “Science and Technology Service Intellectual Property Center “,

“Equipment System Development Center”, “Metal Cladding and Value Creating R&D Center”,

in this way, we may provide more comprehensive service to end users.